ESG proponents have emerged as Bitcoin critics, arguing that the high energy consumption of Bitcoin mining is harmful to the environment.

While Bitcoin’s energy usage is something that the Bitcoin industry must address, Bitcoin ticks more ESG boxes than many of its critics realize though.

Growing Bitcoin Adoption Means More Energy Consumption

So let’s start with the…

What determines the value of Bitcoin? Discover in the following article a list of the most popular bitcoin valuation methods.

Bitcoin is the best-performing asset class of the last decade, posting an annualized 10-year return of 230%.

With that kind of performance, investors are keen to figure out what Bitcoin’s…

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  • The crypto markets consolidated in December.
  • Bitcoin and Ether dropped by 19.54% and 18.04%, respectively.
  • The top outperformers last month were Terra and Avalanche.
  • El Salvador and MicroStrategy added more Bitcoin to their treasury reserves.

Crypto Market Overview

Unfortunately, there was no Santa rally…

Bitcoin is emerging as a popular diversification asset in balanced investment portfolios. But the digital currency’s non-correlation with traditional assets is not the only reason why investors are adding it to their portfolio. Historically, Bitcoin has outperformed stocks, suggesting that holding the digital gold could add to overall portfolio returns.

Market Overview

The past month has been somewhat of a roller coaster for crypto investors, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) hitting new all-time highs of $68,622 and $4,843, respectively, on November 11, which was followed by a steep price correction two weeks later as fears of the latest COVID-19 variant, Omicron…

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