By Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconic Holding

As I write this, Michael Saylor has announced another purchase of about 253 Bitcoin as a part of MicroStrategy’s treasury reserve strategy. Conviction is a trait very few have in their arsenal, and while Saylor should be applauded, conviction can also be a curse. The primary goal of investing and treasury management, regardless of your strategy, is to properly manage risk, full stop! Lumpsum risk is frighteningly powerful at destroying portfolios, and it often rears its ugly head when one does not diversify properly, hedging lumpsum risk. Investors and treasury managers entering crypto must…

Join us for Bar on The Block webinar on Thursday, May 6th to learn more about the key strategies to crypto investing in 2021.

About this Event

Whether you’re hodling or looking to flip short-term gains, the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies is by using a solid cryptocurrency investment strategy.

On this panel, we will discuss some of the most popular and effective crypto investing strategies, their pros and cons, key features of active and passive investing, long-term vs short-term investments, and the benefits of diversified portfolios. …

By Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconic Holding

What an amazing beginning to 2021 it has been for crypto and Iconic! Bitcoin and Ether shot up to new all-time-highs, seemingly weekly, ADA has become a top-3 crypto asset, Binance Smart Chain and its native Pancake Swap have gone supernova in transaction volume and so much more! While there have been many newsworthy items in the crypto space to begin 2020, I thought I would use this month’s Insider to highlight what I feel were the most important, as well as share the 3 biggest developments at Iconic in 2021. Buckle up everyone!

Join us for Bar on The Block panel discussion and Q&A on Thursday, March 4th to learn more about cryptocurrency derivatives.

About this Event

In this webinar, we’ll discuss one of the oldest forms of a financial contract- DERIVATIVES! We’ll deep dive into the types of crypto derivatives products, their common forms, policy, and regulatory regime. We’ll have an in-depth discussion on how derivatives are used in crypto trading, what kinds of Crypto derivatives can be traded both on traditional exchanges and regulated crypto exchanges, the biggest risks that traders face, and why investor interest seems to be surging in crypto-derivatives.

In collaboration…

By Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconic Holding

Welcome to 2021 everyone! I hope you and yours had a happy and healthy holiday season! After a short break, we are back with the Iconic Insider to share with you some insights on the crypto markets as well as take a look at all things Iconic.

To say the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 was big for crypto would be a catastrophic understatement. Bitcoin seemingly achieved a new all-time high every single day on its march to $42,000. While it has corrected to a measly $34,000 at the time of…

Webcast host: Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconic Holding

In this episode of Blockchat with Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg, we mainly dive into the new Bloomberg Report on Bitcoin (Bitcoin joining 60/40 Mix) and 2021 outlook for crypto!

Thank you for tuning in today! Enjoy the show, and don’t forget to leave us your review on iTunes.

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Commissioned by Iconic Funds

Prepared by Robert Richter, Philipp Rosenbach

To gain a deeper understanding of how effective common investment strategies are when applied to Bitcoin, Iconic Funds commissioned an empirical research report. The report was written by Philipp Rosenbach and Robert Richter, a research fellow at Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. Research partners included Enigma Securities and BTC-Echo.

The “How effective are common investment strategies with Bitcoin?” report examines three of the most commonly known trading strategies, namely, turnaround investing, trend investing and investing according to the old adage “sell in May and go away”, more commonly known as the Halloween Factor. The report compares those investment approaches to a simple “buy and hold” strategy and investigates if they can be applied to Bitcoin and if so, how they may perform.


Originally published at on November 30, 2020.

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By Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconic Holding

Between the time I draft this month’s Iconic Insider (Wednesday the 25th) and this issue date, Bitcoin may have hit a new all-time high! How exciting is that? The crypto industry hasn’t been this exciting since late 2017. The hype, the intrigue, the promise of a decentralized financial future feels eerily reminiscent of the tear Bitcoin and other crypto went on during the ICO craze.

Yet, 2020 feels almost entirely different. 2017’s pump to Bitcoin’s $20,000 price was largely driven by speculative retail interest, particularly due to new entrants FOMO’ing into Bitcoin, Ether, and…

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By Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconic Holding

In the past week, I have had a few dozen personal contacts, mostly friends or drinking buddies, reach out to me to ask about Bitcoin. They want to know what it is, how and where they can buy it, and I even had one ask me “what does the $15K, $16K, or $100K mean?” Once I was finished shaking my head in disbelief, I realized that most retail investors still truly do not understand what Bitcoin is or what its value drivers are. …

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By Maximilian Lautenschläger, MP and Co-Founder of Iconic Holding

One of the basic principles of portfolio theory is diversification, which aims to minimize risk — measured by standard deviation — without reducing the expected return. As can be seen in the chart below, each individual asset class has its own risk/return profile.

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